The ACM is the voice of midwives in Australia; supporting and representing midwives, and leading the Australian midwifery profession. 
•    Our vision: enabling women to be strong, confident mothers
•    Our mission: midwifery is positioned as the primary profession for quality maternity care
We represent and support midwives in all professional capacities: to government, in the media, and in the workplace; we advocate for midwifery; and we lobby for woman-centred care. 

We hold a national conference annually, visiting a different state each year to ensure all midwives and midwifery students in Australia have access to the leaders in maternity care, the most influential thinkers, academics, researchers, clinicians, combined with practical workshops, hands on learning and a valuable opportunity to network and reinvigorate your practice. 

Tickets are offered to ACM members at a considerable discount.

More about ACM...
ACM works tirelessly, lobbying state and federal governments, and working with regulatory bodies on behalf of midwives and midwifery.
We represent midwifery in the media and speak up when midwives are not being heard.
•    Members can become involved in the development of policy and position statements on a diverse range of subjects, from regulations within healthcare institutions to specific guidelines in response to new research and evidence…
ACM is the governing body for the Baby Friendly Health Initiative (BFHI) in Australia, protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding as the best start for babies. 
Recent policy work includes: 
•    Lobbying government and jurisdictions to improve working conditions for Privately Practicing midwives, including the implementation of a sustainable insurance program
•    National Midwifery Guidelines for Consultation and Referral
•    Position statements released on Birthing on Country statement endorsed by peak bodies for health and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, home birth, water birth, Vitamin K administration to babies, and co-sleeping and bed-sharing.
Professional Development
ACM creates a wealth of education and training for midwives to support you throughout your career, wherever you choose to practice.
•    We offer CPD via an online learning platform so you can maintain your professional requirements at your convenience. 
•    ACM provides access to peer review via the Midwifery Practice Review program
•    ACM hosts over 70 events across Australia annually, with a balance of practical and research-based content
•    Our National Conference brings international speakers and cutting edge research to Australian midwives
•    ACM offers research and networking opportunities to support midwives at all stages of your professional development
•    ACM also hosts a job board, bringing new opportunities to members first
•    National and state scholarships available
Membership includes a subscription to all ACM publications:
•    Internationally renowned, peer-reviewed Women and Birth Journal
•    Australian Midwifery News Magazine
•    Branch Matters
•    State and National newsletters
•    Discounts and offers exclusive to members
•    Big discounts on events  
•    Free journey to work insurance
•    Legal advice
•    Significant reduction on membership fees for students and graduates
•    Professional identity and networking

Be part of a powerful organisation committed to making a difference for midwives and mothers: we are better and stronger together!       

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