Expressions of Interest - Creative Arts


Do you: Sing? Make Music? Spin? Sew? Craft? Paint? Sculpt? Make Films? Take Photographs? Write Poems/Plays/Stories? Tell Stories? Perform? Dance?

You are invited to share your creative skills with others at the Australian College of Midwives National Conference in Adelaide.

The theme of the conference is ‘Calling all Midwives: The truth is out there!’

Creative arts are powerful media to explore issues and meaning relating to birth and the lives and experiences of midwives and women, their families and communities. There is also the potential for creative expression to:
•    provide a platform for cultural exchange
•    highlight innovative ways of working with women and each other
•    demonstrate creative approaches to education and educational resources
•    enable participation by those who may otherwise be excluded
•    have an impact that reaches beyond the traditional format of a conference presentation.

In recognition of the importance of creative arts – and in response to the overwhelming appreciation of the Creative Arts Festival previous Australian College of Midwives conferences in Sydney – there will be an exhibition of creative art and contributions will be woven throughout the Conference program.

Proposals can be submitted for art and craft-work, displays, installations, workshops, performance, films, creative writing, poetry, story-telling, music, singing, dance and other expressions of creativity that will contribute to our understanding and celebration of the Conference theme.

An Expression of Interest is no guarantee that your work will be accepted. The Conference Organizing Committee reserves the right to make a final selection which is likely not to include all submissions due to space limitations. 

Full details about abstract review criteria and submissions can be downloaded here: